Tuesday, June 7, 2016

More Changes

I'm relieved to have made the commitment to get back on a healthier path (through Weight Watchers), and it has led me to some other decisions to live better:

  • Yesterday, after considerable thought, I closed my account with one of the major TV cable companies.  They made two calls during the day to try to persuade me to stay, but I held my ground.  From now on, I will consciously choose my programming through Hulu and Netflix.  Aside from being more budget-friendly, being conscious of my recent habit of coming home, and "crashing" in front of the TV "to unwind" will help me consider other options -- like doing the "unwinding" with a walk in the open evening air.  AND -- not losing track of time, and getting to bed earlier.  The last two nights of more hours of relaxed sleep have already made a difference in my concentration and mood.
  • When my online dating account expires in August, I'm no longer going this route for socializing and companionship.  I'm going back to being an old-fashioned gal, and meeting people in the real world, in real time.  I already have plenty of opportunities to have fun in such a friendly town as Littleton.  In my off-work time, I'm going to be proactive and go out without feeling I need to be invited to join the human race.
  • As my weight drops, and my joints feel better, I'm going to look into ballroom dancing classes.  What better way to meet other people, have fun and burn more of those clingy excess calories?  Surely, MeetUps and Groupon can make it feasible and affordable.
I'm feeling excited about "revving up" again.  Stay tuned.

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